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You are Good Enough!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I have always been a hard worker. Whether I'm in the classroom, getting ready for a show, crafting, or doing hair; I've always been a grinder. Even though I work hard and know that I have been blessed with abilities, I oftentimes second guess my abilities. This is not because I don't think I'm good at what I do! There are just times when I have measured myself against others and their abilities. I not only listen to or watch their abilities, I often look at their successes and measure them against my successes. What is it that I am doing wrong? Why have they gotten their big break and I have yet to get mine? I've been working hard, Lord. You've told me that faith without works is dead. Lord, I've been faithful and diligent in my work. I have been allowing you to order my steps. What is the hold up on my big opportunity? When will my gift make room for me?

We all have these questions. We all have been guilty at some point of sizing up other people. We have been watching our friends and family move forward and receive blessing after blessing after blessing. We've even seen some people just get their big break without having to try hard. It doesn't mean that you are doing something wrong, it's simply that it's not your time. Having this mentality can turn us into individuals that lose faith in ourselves and that's how dreams die. We can not allow ourselves to self sabotage our success. God will move when he feels he is ready to move. All we are supposed to do is to allow him to order our steps and be obedient to what he asks us to do. If he has told us or has shown us what he is going to do in our lives, trust that he is going to do it. He will do just what he says, but also understand he is going to do it in his timing.

I can remember finishing my Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. People had often told me I would be a great school administrator. I was excited about the opportunity to transition into administration. Application after application and interview after interview, I was never hired. I was told that I didn't know the right people. I had been the county teacher of the year. Everyone knew who I was. That wasn't it. It wasn't until the superintendent herself says to me that she didn't want to "make a mistake" by hiring me and I not be prepared to lead people that have "more experience" than me. She suggested that I complete a reading endorsement program to become more "marketable." I had only taught music my entire education career. Could it be that all my years of continuing my education and all my years of experience in the classroom, as a mentor, and school leader were not enough to prove that I would be a great administrator? This literally crushed my spirits. There were days I couldn't pull myself out of bed because I was so depressed. I declared it would be the first and last time I ever allowed myself to stay down because of my employment. Soon after, I had a revelation. Rejection is not always a bad thing. Sometimes we feel like we know what is best for us, but God knows what we need best. A lot of times, God is not keeping us from having the desires of our heart. He is showing us that he has greater in store for us. Another reason for this could simply be; TIMING. God's timing is always better than our timing. Delay does not mean denial. There is even a chance that the rejection or delay is for our protection.

Don't ever allow rejection or delays to make you feel like you are not enough or that you don't have what it takes. This really could be a blessing in disguise. Remember that God is always present and all knowing. He holds our tomorrow. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Know and understand that everything he does is for our BETTERMENT. All we need to do is trust that he knows best. Guess what else, what GOD HAS FOR YOU IS FOR YOU! If something is meant to be, no devil in hell can stop it. REMEMBER THAT!

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