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Quarantine Things

So, here we are sitting inside. Drastically our lives have changed at the drop of a dime. We've been guilty of being caught up in the hustle and bustle of life forgetting that we aren't doing the best job of putting God first, supporting our families and friends, giving back to our communities, or even caring for and loving ourselves. Isn't that what life is about? Life is about living, laughing, and loving right? Well if that is the case, I myself have done a mediocre job of doing these things. We get so consumed at times that we forget to just live, laugh, and love. We forget what living, laughing, and loving is like. Living is really about stopping and smelling the roses. Living is about admiring God's creations. Living is about appreciating and seizing every moment. It's been a while since I just sat outside and allowed the sun to kiss my caramel skin. It's been a while since I listened to the beautiful sound of the chirping birds or admiring the beauty of all that surrounds me. It's been a while since I just got away and did somethings that for myself. This quarantine has provided me with a paradigm shift. It's been making me appreciate each moment. It's been making me reflective on all the things that I am grateful for; all the things that God has done, he is doing, and what I am standing on tip toe anticipation for him to do.

I've been taking this moment to work on relationships. I'm consider myself a funny person. I'm the one that people typically rely on to lighten the mood (only when I'm comfortable because I am naturally timid). Being away from the people that you love and care about can really cause more anxiety than the coronavirus it self. We are used to being around others all the time, whether it is at work, school, church, mall, etc. Not being around other people is difficult. Not being able to lay your eyes on people and actually see that they are ok is a challenge. WE ARE NOT OK! Our anxiety levels are through the roof. People all over the world are dying, losing their jobs, losing family members, taking pay cuts, closing their businesses...just so much. WE ARE NOT OK! So what makes it worst is that we are not able to be there for each other like we really want to be. I'm learning how far making others smile and laugh goes. I've always known this, seeing it more now than ever. I'm learning how sending a funny message or video can make a person forget about what is going on around even if it is for a short moment. I've been making it a point to have conversations with people I love on the phone and video chat; providing them with as much comic relief as I have in me. Laughter is indeed the BEST MEDICINE! We literally have to laugh to keep from crying!

Then there is love...

It's kind of hard to show love to others when we don't even love ourselves. We've been neglecting ourselves; not eating right, not going to the doctor, not exercising as we should. We haven't been nurturing our spirits by mediating, praying, or studying the Word. This is not showing that we love ourselves. This is self sabotage. If we do this to ourselves, no wonder why it's hard for us to really show love to others. This is the time we need to sit and think about all the ways we have lacked showing love to God, ourselves, and others and think about steps that can be made to rectify this. Make it mandatory to spend time with God. Schedule a consistent daily time that you make the commitment that NOTHING AND NO ONE is going to come in between the time I spend communing with God. Make this a non-negotiable. Make this daily practice. Eventually it will become a great habit. Then, as you mature in Him it will really be something you feel like you can't go a day with out doing. Just like you make it a non-negotiable to commune with God, make it non-negotiable to exercise and TRY to eat better. When the quarantine is over, make it a point to visit your doctors to get your bill of health checked. You're no good to anyone if you are not mentally and physically well. Lastly, show love to others. Even if you can't be there physically, just simply sending a text or a phone call is letting people know that they are thought about and that you care about them. This shows them that we are ALL in this thing together. Offering that support gives hope enough for an individual to keep going. You can be the reason why someone decides not to give up and not throw in the towel. This is what love is. We have to die to self and be carers of others. We are selfish creatures aren't we? I understand we want to have a pity party for self because we are being effected by this pandemic ourselves but, we should be putting self aside to think about the well-being of others. We should be able to provide some love to those that we care about whether near or far. This is a time where there really should be no division; a time we should be binding ourselves together in love and unity.

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