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He's Speaking...but are you Listening?

I must admit, when our quarantine first began back in early March, I complained like most of the world. People that typically shake and move a lot find it difficult to sit still or to stay inside for extended periods of time. I'm one of those people. I've often times stayed so caught up in hustle and bustle and hardly made time to just sit still. It's in our still moments when God speaks and it is up to use to listen intently to be able to recognize it's his voice. I've had times when I pray to God about different situations and I'm thinking to myself, "why haven't I heard from God yet?" Is it that he isn't speaking... or is it because we aren't listening. I don't believe that it is happenstance that this pandemic happened during the year of 2020. For many churches, their themes have been centered around "clear vision." How is it that we can get clear vision from God if we don't watch? How is it that we can get clear vision if we don't listen for his voice. God is speaking in this moment. He has said things so clearly to me during this pandemic and even though he said it in such a soft, peaceful voice, it resonated loudly.

It's evident that we are living in the end of times. Just look at everything that is going on around us. We have corrupt leadership and a world full of crime, greed, infidelity and this list can go on for days. Revelations tells us what the end days will look like. People are taking their salvation lightly. God is trying to get people to really know who he is and that all power and authority is in his hands. Yes, he grants us with power and authority through him, but he is the one that holds everything in his hands. We can't save ourselves. We can only be saved through him. This is the time he wants to get our attention. He wants us to desire to have a closer walk with him. We wants us to put our trust in him and not man to get through this. He wants us to witness his great works and realize that he is indeed GREAT AND MIGHTY.

There has been so much corruption going on in the world and God is not pleased. We have been putting people and things before him. God is a jealous God and no other idols or gods should be put before him. He is clearing our vision to see that we need to get our acts together and turn from our wicked ways. All he wants us to do is have a heart of repentance and make the necessary changes to TRY to live upright. You see I said TRY. We already know we fall short. God knows we fall short and always will. What we should do is have a heart that indeed feels terrible when we do something that we know is not pleasing in his sight. Our sins are covered by the blood of Jesus, yes. Even though, we should feel remorse when we know we have wronged God. That's how we know we have a heart for him. When we confess ourselves as sinners before God and begin to turn from wickedness, God will heal the land. I believe this, but we have to listen to recognize his voice, listen to his voice and follow with rectifying actions. . We must show our gratitude even during a pandemic and give him praise for all the blessings that we are receiving such as life, protection, good health, family, grace, mercy, etc. We also should stay in posture of worship. Even during this difficult time, God is still God. He is still great and greatly to be praised. He is still our shepherd, our provider, our healer, our peace, and our banner. He is our righteousness, he sanctifies us, and he is always present with us. He deserves worship simply because of who he is.

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