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Actions Speak

We live in a complaining culture. Social and news media put so much information before us. We generate opinions about what's brought to us and the natural thing for us to do is to form our own opinion about what's going. We start personalizing things saying "what we would do DIFFERENTLY." We begin conversations about the controversy then do what we do best; take to social media and blast all our thoughts PUBLICLY for the world to see. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having thoughts or opinions. Heck, the 1st amendment of the constitution tells us it's ok to have an opinion and even vocalize our opinions. The thing is, opinions are just that. They're not factual. You may formulate an opinion based on facts, but your opinions are simply your personal thoughts. Everyone has an opinion, but very seldom commit to rectifying the issues at hand. Talk is cheap. It doesn't cost a thing. Anyone can talk about it but, what good does talking do? Yes, you are entitled to feel a certain way about things. Yes, you can be upset about things. Yes, you even have the freedom of speech that says you can articulate how you feel, openly. You can address the elephant in the room all day but, what does talking really do? Talking really changes NOTHING. It's our actions that provokes CHANGE.

We are going through a pandemic and continuous racial injustices. We've witnessed people fighting sickness and losing life due to COVID-19. We've witnessed innocent people dying at the hands of law enforcement. We've witnessed ongoing bouts surrounding funding that could help Americans get back on their feet. We've witnessed governors flexing their muscles suing mayors; deeming it a crime to want to keep their cities and residents safe. This is a time when we need each other the most. This is the time we should be spreading light and love to one another. This is the time we should be binding ourselves together in love and unity so we can beat ALL this foolishness. Instead, we are chastising and tearing others down. We are beating people up because of their personal decisions. Don't get me wrong, the decisions people are making effect us all and yes, some of the decisions have been poor. Ultimately the poor decisions are simply a lapse in love and care regarding others. If we really cared about the well-being of others and really possess a heart of love like Jesus, NONE OF THIS would be an issue.

Instead of doing so much down talking about the decisions that are being made in your community, take a stand! Let's start showing that we care about others. Let's show that we have the heart of Jesus. One thing about Jesus, he didn't only talk about dying for our salvation; HE DID THAT! If you feel so strongly about something, GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you don't like decisions that are being made about mask mandates, band together as a community and protest, sign petitions, bombard your officials with letters, emails, or even show up at your city hall. Fight to get mandates in place to keep your city and the residents safe. If teachers and parents feel that the right decisions are not being made about safe return to school, teachers and parents should flood the board of education with protestors refusing for our schools to open until they are certain they can assure the safety of our workers and students. Teachers should boycott work and stand firm on their decision until they get the desired results. It's ok not to agree with everything, but if you really don't agree and you really feel strongly in your belief you should put some action behind what you believe.

We can all identify where change needs to happen. We can all complain about what we see, but how many of us will really ACT and CONSISTENTLY show our government that the decisions that are made should be in the best interest of ALL PEOPLE. If we live in a democracy and decisions should be made on the notion of "of the people, by the people, for the people." They should be allowing the safety and well-being of people to be the fuel for making decisions on how to run this country. They should be allowing people to not only be heard, but be seen. Showing with our actions shouts farther than any words can every reach. Let's start being that VOICE that SHOWS and not only the VOICE that SPEAKS.

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